1856  Birth, Vayalvarom House, Chempazhanthy, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
1861-71 Basic education under Chempazhanthy Pillai.
1872-77 Stayed in Trivandrum – learned Tamil language and literature.
1877-79 Higher education under Kummampally Raman Pillai at Varanapally House.

1889 Came back to Chempazhanthy.
1881 Started a school at Anchuthengu; Nanu became Nanu Asan.
1882-84 Got attracted to Spiritualism but relatives persuade him to marry Kaliamma Started to wander around – visited Maruthuamala and Aruvippuram Death of father – Madanasan.

1884-87 Left the home and traveled as a mendicant; spent time in meditation Meeting with Chattabi Swamikal; Yogic practice under Thycadu Ayya Swami

1887 Started to stay at Aruvippuram.
1888 Consecration of Sivalinga at Aruvippuram – Great revolution in the life of the Guru.

1891 Meeting Kumaru (who later became the greatest Poet Kumaran Asan) at Kayikkara

1893 Conditioning of Aruvippuram Temple affairs.
1895 Journey to Bangalore with Kumaran Asan.
1898 Formation of Aruvippuram Temple Society: known as Vavoottu Yogam.
1899 Installation of Subramanya Idol at Kunnumpara, near Kovalam.
1903 Formation of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (S.N.D.P) in January.

1904 Exempted Guru from appearing any Courts First Anniversary of S.N.D.P Yogam with a Women Conference Started a school at Vakkom in February Settled at Sivagiri, Varkala Organized a meeting at Paravoor to discuss about stopping bad customs in society.

1905 Started an evening school for Paryas at Vettoor near Varkala.

1907 Guru visited Malabar, North Kerala.

1908 Reception by Theosophical Society (January) Installation of Sree Jagannatha Temple Idol at Thalaserry, North Kerala (February) Founded Sree Khanteswara Temple, Kozhikod.

1909 Traveled to Mangalore. Founded Kudroli Gokarna natha Temple at the request of Billava community.

1911 Census Report of Travancore declared Guru as National Saint
1912 Stoppage of ‘Kettu Kalyanam’ (an unnecessary marriage ceremony) Installation of the idol of Goddess Sharada at Sivagiri (April).

1914 Establishment of Adwaita Ashram at Aluva (August) Karaleeya Nair Society gave a reception at Kottayam.

1916 Founded Sanskrit School at Aluva (August) Went to Thiruvannamalai and visited Ramana Maharshi (February) Celebrated 60th birthday Went to Madras accepting Justice Sadasiva Iyer’s and Justice Krishnan’s invitation.

1918 Journey to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and visited many places there
1920 Installed a ‘Lighted Lamp’ as the idol in the Karamukku Temple (May 15).
1921 All Kerala Convention of Brotherhood at Aluva (May 15) Installed a slab as idol at Murikkumpuzha Temple with the words: “Sathyam’ (Truth), Dharmam (Ethics), Daya (Compassion), Sneham (love)”.

1922 Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore visited Guru at Sivagiri.
1924 Unexpected demise of Kumaran Asan in a boat accident (January 16) Guru organized The All Religious Conference at Aluva (February) Vaikom Sathyagraha for the rights of the Backward Classes to enter Temples.

1925 Visit of Mahatma Gandhi at Sivagiri to meet Guru (March 12) Bodhananda Swami was declared as Guru’s successor (September 27) Diwan Watts visits Guru at Sivagiri Laid foundation stone for Brahma Vidyalaya (A school for teaching all religions).

1926 Second journey to Ceylon Demise of Sathyavrida Swami (September 1).
1927 First statue of Guru was unveiled at Thalassery, North Kerala Installed a ‘Mirror’ as the idol at Kalavancodem (June 14) Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham was registered (January 9).

1928 Nataraja Guru founded Gurukulam at Ootty , Attained Maha Samadhi in September.


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