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1.Be enlightened with education.
2.Be strengthened with organization.
3.Make progress through industry.
4.Don’t speak caste, ask caste and think caste.
5.One caste, one religion and one God for mankind.
6.Whatever be the religion, it is sufficient if it is good for mankind.
7.Whatever be the difference in faith, dress or language, as all humanity belongs to one caste, there is no harm in inter- marriage and inter-dining.
8.Do not make liquor, don’t drink it and don’t sell it.
9.Spend judiciously.
10.Man who knows dharma should work hard for the progress and well being of his neighbour.
A Ahimsa (non-killing or no himsa) is the greatest of all virtues. One who observes the Dharma of Ahimsa is the true manifestation of goodness. One who possesses all virtues except “ahimsa” is none other than a brute.
B Buddhists Christians Mohammedans, Sikhs, Jains, Hindus and the followers of all other Religions and sects strive to achieve a common objective Eternal Bliss As their aim is identical with all the religions are homogeneous.
C Cleanliness is Godliness, Bearing this dictum in mind one should observe the five external and internal purities of body, mind, senses, abode and action.
D Divine bliss, the life eternal creates supreme satisfaction to the soul far more greater than all worldly pleasures prompted by sensual indolence, which are momentary and transient With this noble goal in mind, men should surge forward for salvation.
E Enjoying the five fruits of voice from taste, smell and touch again and again, the five birds of senses (i.e.) ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin, living in the carge of human body emitting foul smell be conquered with the arrow of “self realization”.
F Fastening tightly the string of devotion in the bow of mind, all sins and evil deeds should be smitten with the arrow of supreme knowledge.
G God the supreme being is “Dharma” (Charity). Dharma is the greatest of Wealth, Dharma invariable wins. Dharma is also instrumental for the greatness of men.
H Husband loves not his wife for her happiness and the wife addresses not her husband for his pleasure, They reciprocate their love and devotion only for the satisfaction of the Self.
I If the ideals and ideologies of different saints, sages, and philosophers and synchronized and called as a single religion in the name of religious fonder, why not a synthesis of all religions be contemplated and called as a universal religion of religious principles common to mankind be enunciated.
J Judging one’s religion based on his faith, mental attitude, custom and culture is not the proper perspective. They are transient.
K Knowledge is supreme Bliss :Relisation of the inner self that glows in all human beings is the true knowledge.
L Let there be diversity of profession, nationality and language among men. But the Dharma that is inherent in the hearts of all men is “humanism” and that is the caste of man.
M Man without compassion is tantamount to a lifeless mass of flesh emanating foul stink. Man sans mercy is like a flowers of a fruit bereft of small and desert without water.
N Not argue and win but to know and make known should be our motto.
O One who dwells in egoism differentiating “I” and “You”, “This man” and “That man”, “High” and “Low” however great he may be does not make any difference with a beast.
P Paganists and hot heads of multifarious religions plead for supremacy of their own religion as blind men tried to establish the identity of an elephant by touching a part of the body of the elephant. Men should study all religions with equanimity, equal frame of mind, Wisdom and devotion.
Q Quickly gest one frightened mistaking the beautiful stretch of a garland as a snake in the dim light. This is the delusion gest on “Brahma” the Satchidanandha.
R Religion of man will find its perfection only when the cult ‘Ahimsa’ preached by Lord Budha Love by Jesus Fraternity among men by Mohammed Nabi and the philosophical thoughts of Rishis of India find their confluence and consummation.
S Sublime, will it to practice the precept then to propound and preach thousands of ideologies. What experimented in action and practiced as Good, should alone be preached. Action and not preaching is essential.
T The ship to cross the sea of life replete with sorrow and misery is the holy name and sacred feet : The commander of the vessel is thyself. Noble it will be to generate fraternity among man. All the hurdles which hamper the realisation or this goal should be cleared.
U Unlike a common man, Sanyasi is the personification of goodness who, by renouncing his self, strives hard for the Welfare of mankind. Sanyasi is a Thiagi and a Great Benefactor.
V View not an ideology of a master mind alone as the ideal and perfect one and accredit as the theory. This may be reckoned as the way to seek the ultimate truth of all.
W Wealth and all activities of man should be aimed at not only for promoting the interest of himself, the society and the nation to which he belongs, but also for the successive growth and welfare of entire mankind.
X X-Ray Photo and equipments exhibit the psychic self of a man when it impinges in him, But the everlasting bliss “The Supreme consciousness” is exhibited by the Gnana of a great Guru.
Y Your happiness, my happiness, his happiness etc., are only a figment of imagination. There is only one happiness and that is the “supreme bliss”.
Z Zealots who renounce their self and toil hard for the enlistment of their fellowmen enter the Kingdom of God Motivated by egoism if he upholds his selfish interests only, it will immerse him ever into the burning hell.
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