The Birth

The Birth Of Sree Narayana Association

In the late 1970s, the Indian immigrant community was fast increasing in the United States of America. Although the number of Shri Narayana devotees were small, the urge for spiritual and cultural needs of the community was strong. There was no forum for the assembly of Shri Narayana immigrant community anywhere in North America. However the necessity for an assemblage was very much in need. Taking this into consideration, Mr. Udayabhanu Prabhakaran, Mr. Raghavan Prasanna and Mr. Babu K.Palackal discussed and decided to establish an organization for all Shri Narayana devotees in North America.

They initiated deliberations on this idea with other Shri Narayana devotees during late 1978 and the early 1979. Strangely, at times the response was very poor and even disapproving . So they waited, but determined to fulfill their desire. While waiting for the right opportunity, they continued the discussion with other known devotees of Shri Narayana Guru. The trio made every effort to communicate with all Shri Narayana devotees and solicit every one’s support and participation in this exertion. They also stimulated the ethnic and ancestral pride of the Shri Narayana immigrant community. On September 22, 1979 a second meeting was held at the home of Mr. Udayabhanu in Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA. This meeting was attended by, Udayabhanu, R.Prasannan, N.S.Thampi, Sasi Keshavan, P.N.Sadasivan, and K.G.Janardhanan. Babu Palackal could not be present at this meeting, however Babu Palackal was committed to support any decision taken at that meeting. Mr P.P.Lexmanan, who was in the U.S.A. as a visitor and happened to be a guest at the residence of Udayabhanu, was also present. This meeting decided to invite all known Shri Narayana devotees to a meeting at the residence of Udayabhanu on October 28, 1978. (Accordingly Udayabhanu mailed out an invitation to all the devotees of Narayana Guru whose addresses were available at that time). The third meeting was held as planned. Mrs. Lekshmikutty Gangadharan, Sumathi Babu, Prasanna Appu and Leela Udayabhanu, Mr N.Damanan, M.R.Vinod, Baby Madhava Panicker, K.M. Vishwambharan, K.K.Gangadharan (Kozanchery), Govindan Appu, K.K.Gangadharan (Ala), Udayabhanu, R.Prasannan, N.S.Thampi, Sasi Keshavan, P.N.Sadasivan, K.G.Janardhanan and Babu Palackal were present. Mr P.P.Lexmanan presided.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Udayabhanu explained the necessity of such an organization and laid out the worthy aims and objectives. A long discussion ensued as to what should be the setup of the organization. One opinion was that, this should be a branch of the SNDP Yogam. However that opinion was rejected overwhelmingly. It was decided that an organization be formed by the assembled devotees. It was also decided that the organization should be independent with an international outlook. Thus it was named as Shri Narayana association. Cooperative efforts with all other international Shri Narayana Organizations was emphasized at this meeting. An Executive Committee was elected on the same day. They were: Mr. N.Damanan, President; Mrs. Lekshmikutty Gangadharan, Vice President; Mr. Udayabhanu, Secretary; Mr. R.Prasannan, Joint Secretary; Mr. Babu K.Palackal, Treasurer; Mrs. Presanna Appu, Mr. P.N.Sadasivan, Mr. M.R.Vinod and Mr. C.K.Madhu, Executive Committee Members.

Few devotees from other cities contacted Mr. Udayabhanu and expressed their support and cooperation for all future activities. They were Mr. Appukuttan from Chicago, Mr. Shivarajan from Washington, Mr. Sudhakaran and Dr. Anirudhan from Texas. There were few descending expressions also made. The positive and constructive opinions and actions were so strong that soon they joined ranks.

The fourth meeting was held on November 25, 1979 at the residence of Mr. Babu Palackal. In addition to the attendees of the third meeting, the Following people were also present. They were Mrs. Shantha Damanan, Mr. C.K.Madhu, Mr. Vasudavan Pulikal, Mrs. Oomana Vasudavan, Mrs. Ratnamma Rajan, Mrs. Viswambharan, Mr. P.K.Damodaran, Mrs. Paru Damodaran, Mr. K.K.Thomas, Mrs. Thomas, Mr Varughese, Mrs. Varughese, and Mr. A.Janardhanan. This meeting formally authorized the incorporation of the organization.

The fifth meeting was held on December 30, 1979 at the residence of Mr. N.Damanan. Present on this occasion were, Mr. N.Damanan, Mrs. Shantha Damanan, Mr. K.K.Gangadharan (Kozenchery), Mr. Govindan Appu, Mr. K.K.Gangadharan (Ala), Mrs. Lekshmikutty Gangadharan, Mrs. Sumathi Babu, Mrs. Prasanna Appu and Mrs. Leela Udayabhanu, Mr. Udayabhanu, Mr. R.Prasannan, Mrs. Shanthamma Presannan, Mr. N.S.Thampi, Mr. Sasi Keshavan, Mr. K.G.Janardhanan, Mr. A.Janardhanan, Mr. Babu K.Palackal, Mr. P.N.Sadasivan, Mr. C.Sundarm, Mrs. Sarasa Sadasivan, V.G.Sugadan, and Mr. P.P.Lexmanan. This meeting also elected Mr. P.N.Sadasivan, Mr. C.K. Madhu and Mrs. Presanna Appu as Trustees of Shri Narayana Association.

Mr. Udayabhanu Prabhakaran, Mr. Narayanan Damanan and Mr. Govindan Appu incorporated Shri Narayana Association on January 12, 1980 at the office of John J.Durante, County Clark of the county of Queens, New York as a religious not for profit organization.

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