The Histroy

The association, as soon as established, started working towards accomplishing the aims. On a regular basis all Shri Narayana devotees living in different parts of North America were introduced to each other by different means. We plunged into action on educating our own members and children on Shri Narayana Guru’s teachings. Since then, we assemble on the last Sunday of every month services.

In 1982 Shri Narayana Association established a Malayalam school. This was the first organized attempt of educating the younger generation our Mother tongue, Malayalam in USA. With the help of these classes some of our 2nd generation were not only communicating but also were able to speak publicly in Malayalam.

A library was also established in the year 1982. However this department was lacking. But the library has been reestablished with more than one hundred books on Sree Narayana Guru in February of 1999.

In the year 1983 the name of the organization was changed to Sree Narayana Association of North America Inc. This was done to make the Organization more representative of the whole North America. WE now have members in almost every state of USA and Canada. The same year, we arranged our first public function, Shri Narayana Gurudavajayanthi and this annual function still continues at New York in a very successful manner. Since then we have been organizing public functions and lectures on Narayana Guru’s philosophy. During the course of these years we had the opportunity to present prominent experts on Shri Narayana philosophy to the devotees and our friends. They include Guru Nityachaithanya Yeti, Prof. M.K.Sanu, Dr. Sukumar Azikkode, Swamy Sookshmananda, Muni Narayana Prasad, Ms. Nancy Yeilding, Dr. Openhighmer, Mr. Vasu Kakkanad, Dr. Damodaran, Dr. Jayaraman and Mr. Regarajan. These celebrations have been the best attended and appreciated educative attractions of Indian community in and around New York. The feast served on Jayanthi is known to be the best Malayalee dishes ever served in this region of USA. The souvenir publication and the cultural programs and we presented since 1983 has been of very high in quality of contents, design and stands out in artistically excellence. “Gurudarshanam”, a newsletter was introduced in 1990 as the official publication of the Association. In 1995, SNA obtained permission to use a new design for this news letter from two of our members. Since then the newsletter is being published under this design.

Along side these, the Organization also trained children in public speaking. With the hard work of our dedicated members we had produced a continuous line of orators from our younger generation. Ms. Sonia Damanan, Ms. Archana Thampi, Mr. Sibu Janardhanan, Vasant Velayudhan, Lynn Venugopal, Leatha Udayabhanu, Babitha Haridas and Shankar Mani are few of them. One of them, Ms. Lynn Venugopal, has gone on to win international recognition.
In 1986 SNA sponsored Mr. Sambashivan the great Kathpresanga artist for a tour of USA. This was one of the best programs organized by Indians in this country until then. This tour made SNA well known in the Indian Community throughout USA.

During 1993 a Constitution Committee was formed and the constitution was revised. The 1993 Annual General Body accepted this new constitution. This made a big change in our organization setup. The term of office of the Executive Committee was extended to two years. A more powerful, responsible and responsive Board of Trustees was established. The first administration after the constitutional amendment stream rolled right into action. A major fund rising effort, a raffle was organized and a substantial amount was raised from the public that year. They also planned to follow this up in the coming years by enrolling more life members and converting the existing life members to Patron members and soliciting donations from members to establish a place of worship for Sree Narayana devotees in America.
This policy established by the first Board of Trustees was continued by the next Board in 1997 and 1998. A committee of all the former Presidents was established for this purpose. With the hard work and dedication of members of this committee and the generosity of a lot of members who converted to Patron membership, the funds of SNA has increased considerably.

In the year 1993 we established our youth forum. Two of our talented young ladies Lynn Venugopal and Leatha Udayabhanu took initiative and established this youth forum with the approval of the elder generation. The Children were given the freedom to select their own advisers and manage their own affaires with the help of the advisers instead of imposing the elder generation’s wishes on them. During the First National Sree Narayana Convention our Youth spent their time in a very productive way organizing their own programs. The conduct of our youth and children had been very responsible and productive through out.

The year 1995 can be recorded as the glorious year of SNA. In that year SNA organized the first ever Sree Narayana Convention out side of Kerala. Prof. M.K.Sanu and Swami Sookshmananda were the Gusts from India. This was organized at Mount Airy Lodge resort center in the Poccono Mountains, Pennsylvania, USA from September 1 to 4. More than sixty families from different parts of North America participated in the convention. The participants went home with a renewed enthusiasm and vigor to meet again and again in the coming years. A very significant event at the Convention was the formation of the Woman’s forum.

The formation of the Youth and Ladies Forum resulted in the active participation of Children and Ladies in the activities of the organization. Since formation the youth forum organized the picnic and sports competitions. Further they both also played major roles in organizing Gurudavajayanthi. Since its formation the Women’s Forum is celebrating women’s day in January of every year. The women of SNA proved beyond any doubt that they are equally capable as the men and two of our top officers are woman. It clearly shows the importance of women in our society.

SNA also made substantial contributions to the earth quake victims of Lathur, India and Sree Narayana Vidyapeetham at Trippunitura, Kerala, India among others. Also charity donations were made to individuals and organizations.

The religious services are now extended. The monthly services which we started at the inception is continuing. Now, in addition we have by-weekly religious services. This new services are conducted every other weekend continually. Also our Bhajana Group is assembling every month on the second Saturday. The SNA also conducts workshops and classes on a continuing basis for its members and friends.

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