Messages Of Guru

  1. Hindu religion contains the principles  of all religions. For spiritual attainment  Hindu religion is more than enough.
  2. My religion is also Buddhism.  I am a Buddhist because I am an Adwaitin (believer in non-dualism).
  3. During Christ’s time love was a necessity. Christ, therefore, gave more prominence to love. One should have patience like Christ.
  4. Advice of Mohammed Nabi is also good. During Nabhi’s life feeling of brotherhood might have been a necessity. Islam is therefore giving more prominence to brotherhood.
  5. Do you know the meaning of  ‘Allah’? It means something that is different from this external universe. According to the standards of measurement and descriptions of this world, the entity expressed by this word  is non-existent.
  6. Wrong  knowledge gives rise to divisive tendency. This generates discriminatory and hierarchial feelings and leads to quarrels and confrontations. Such people can be reformed only by those who have immense spiritual strength and purity of the soul. Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Nabi succeeded in achieving this.
  7. God is pure consciousness or the embodiment of Absolute knowledge(‘chit purushan’) Who sees sans eyes, hears sans ears, feels sans skin, smells sans nose and tastes sans tongue.
  8. Our God is a divine ocean of enlightenment.  All that  perceive are the waves of that ocean.
  9. Those who are engaged  in the activities connected with God,  will always  be protected by God.
  10. The ritual of prayer should be performed by every heart, every home . Offer prayers every day without break. Sincere and dignified worship of God, is good.
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